The "Covid-19 World Recovery & Prosperity Plan": Sat July 4, 2020


Technological Salvation for Utopia Citizens will be achieved by hiring the 30,000 greatest S.T.E.M. geniuses in the world by achievement, and at any cost, so they can work together in a custom configurations to produce miracles using High-Speed Super Technology Factories.

The money to hire them and the best business development team money can buy will be raised from The July 4, 2020 Utopia Coin and Token IEO Sale.  (Schedule below).

Technological Salvation was created to save and advance mankind beyond himself and beyond Earth and to end human limitations forever.

(Benefits, products, and services to Utopia Citizens are provided in the numerical order of sign-up)

Miracle #1.  The Fountain of Youth Vaccine will provide immunity from aging, disease, suffering, sickness, and death for Utopia Citizens in the numerical order of sign-up.  It will be developed within 5 to 10 years, or choose to die in peace if you prefer.

(Benefits, products, and services to Utopia Citizens are provided by seniority in the numerical order of sign-up before the July 4, 2020 Utopia IEO Sale)

If you have relatives or friends who have serious health problems, are terminal, have lost hope, feel helpless, and have given up tell them to become a Utopia Citizen for $10 and gain hope.  Get in line and get the only hope left in the world.  The Only Hope. 

(Benefits, products, and services to Utopia Citizens are provided in the numerical order of sign-up)  Get in line Here

Miracle #2.  Utopia Earth:  To End All Fear for Utopia Citizens Forever  

Miracle #3.  Earth 2.0:  Utopia Citizens quick and safe transfer from Earth 1.0 to another Earth-like planet during a world-ending emergency.  Also Earth-like planet sales to Utopia Citizens because there are trillions of other Earth-like planets out there to visit with the power of Personal Teleportation.  

Miracle #4.  Personal Teleportation:  

Miracle #5.  Resurrection Technology

Miracle #6.   Artificially Intelligent Quantum Super Computer


My name is Larry D Bluford, Sr., The World's First Self Preservation Technology Researcher

This is the only plan in existence that reveals a blueprint to not only save the world but also to advance civilization beyond Earth.

Because of nationalism and competition between each other, world governments are just living day-to-day with no plans for the preservation, betterment, and advancement of all mankind.  Only their countries.

They plan and work like different nationalities of ants until they die then the plan is passed on to newer ants and then repeated.  This self-defeating behavior stops now.

As of 2020 S.T.E.M. technology has advanced to the point where we can now do anything imaginable.  The problem is no one realizes it yet.   

SLIDE 2:  Because of that non-collaboration of self preservation, our most powerful and important instinct, man has been forced to live in fear of the inevitable process of dying, violence, terminal illness, crime, being physically controlled, mental decline, poverty, chronic pain, loneliness, torture, being frail, trapped, suffering, etc. as if it is inevitable and meant to be.  It's not.

We just have never had the tools to do anything about it but as of 2020 we now do.

SLIDE 3:  Hire the 30,000 greatest S.T.E.M. geniuses in the world, at any cost, to come to the San Francisco Bay Area to work together in a proprietary configuration to solve all the horrible problems afflicting mankind.  It's not supposed to be like this.   

SLIDE 4:  The Fountain of Youth Vaccine will be achieved by the world's greatest 5,000 STEM geniuses within 5 to 10 years.  All products exclusively for Utopia Citizens only.

SLIDE 5:  How We Make Money


a)  From profits from the Utopia IEO sales of 1 trillion Utopia

b)  Coins and 10 billion Utopia Citizen Tokens

c)  Profits from the Fountain of Youth Vaccine sales

d)  Utopia Stores

e)  From Utopia Teleportation travel fares

f)  From Zip Code Territory licensing fees

g)  Utopia Exchange fees

h)  Resurrection Insurance

i)  Hand held quantum computers that accurately predicts the future for it's owner



6.  TRACTION:  Proof that your customers/users love your product.

ANSWER:  People love life, money, and security.


7.  MARKET:  How much money you can make if you dominate your market.

ME:  Eventually everyone will want to become a Utopia Citizen for the benefits, products, and services.


8.  COMPETITION:  Your competitors and why your product is better than theirs.


We will take over everything and sell it to the world at 25% off.  

a.  My Fountain of Youth Vaccine will end the Health Care, Hospital, and Funeral Industry;

b.  Utopia Zip Code Territories will organically replace Zip Code Areas worldwide and organically become Utopia Earth. Utopia Citizens will live in exclusive neighborhoods of Zero Crime.  Zero Homeless.  Zero Poverty.  Zero Poor.   

b.  Utopia Store w/Teleportation will end Amazon, Target, and Walmart because we'll sell what they sell plus 25% off.

c.  Utopia Citizens Facebook vs Facebook;

d.  Utopia Teleportation vs all modes of transportation industries including Uber, cars, trucks, trains, ships, planes, and the rocket industry.

e.  Utopia Resurrection vs the insurance and burial industry.  Our Utopia Death Insurance policies will make both industries obsolete.     

9.  GROWTH:  How you will acquire and retain customers, profitably and at scale.

ANSWER:  Utopia Citizens have seniority access to the benefits, products, and services produced by Self Preservation Technology, Inc., according to the numerical order they purchased their Utopia Citizen Token.  


10.  FINANCIALS:  How much money you will make in your first 3 to 5 years.

ANSWER:  I rapidly will make a trillion dollars from thousands of millions of dollars per day cash flow sources. 


11.  TEAM:  The team that has the experience/expertise to own this opportunity.

ANSWER:  I don't have a team but I will hire the best team money can buy.


12.  FUNDING:  How much money you need and what you will do with it?

ANSWER:  Total $10 Million:  Cost to apply for an SEC cryptocurrency license in order to legally buy and sell crypto on the Utopia Exchange.  Cost to repair, operate, test, and maintain the Utopia Exchange 24 hr/day 7 days a week.  Cost to set-up the International Utopia Coin Merchant Program.  Cost to pay an IEO incubator to set-up my July 4, 2020 Utopia Coin and Token IEO Sale.  Cost to hire the best IEO Sales operations, and administrative staff.     


13.  SUMMARY:  Huge opp. + Differentiated tech. + Dream Team + Strong Traction


Slide 2: Dedicated Permanent Financing via Utopia IEO Crypt


The Profits Will Be Used To Hire The 30,000 Greatest S.T.E.M. Geniuses In the World

They will be arranged into six categories of proprietary positions to create the most important products required for the survival, happiness, and advancement of mankind within 5-10 years instead of a century.

The six Towers of Super Technology are the foundation and building blocks of Utopia Earth and Utopia Interstellar. 

Half the profits from the sale of 1 trillion Utopia Coins and 10 billion Utopia Citizen Tokens will be used to hire, at any cost, the worlds top 30,000 STEM geniuses, by achievement, and bring them to the San Francisco Bay Area to work together on six interconnected and overlapping campuses 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week to create products that give humans super powers and the abilities to survive, and advance our civilization into the universe.

Super powers like a fountain of youth vaccine, the elimination of fear, peace of mind, the ability to safely leave Earth and live elsewhere, personal teleportation, the ability to be resurrected after death, and access to all knowledge, all answers, and all solutions.

The other half will be kept in reserve to insure that the achievement of Utopia Earth and Utopia interstellar will never having to stop or slow down because of a lack of money.

My leadership team will be "all world".  The best money can buy.

Slide 3: The Utopia Coin and Token IEO Pre-Sale: July 4th

Seven Month Utopia IEO Pre-Sale Schedule

Everyone else can too but they just don't realize it yet.  No one in the S.T.E.M. world, (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) has come to realized that the time has arrived where we can now do anything we can imagine in just 5 to 10 years.


Being the first to recognize this mind-boggling fact and acting on it will make me a trillionaire and you can be a millionaire or billionaire.  Register HERE.

How will I become a trillionaire?  Because I own 1 trillion Utopia Coins (UTO) and 10 billion Utopia Citizen Tokens (UTOC).



BUY DATES:  JULY 4, 2020 - JAN 3, 2021 

PRE-IEO BUY PRICE:  $0.000025/Utopia Coin and $10/Utopia Citizen Token.  Governments will reimburse me the cost to provide X amount of Utopia Coins and one Utopia Citizen Token to each recipient on their welfare rolls.  Additionally, we will contract with governments to guarantee the removal of everyone on their welfare rolls for X amount of dollars per recipient removed.

REQUIREMENT TO PURCHASE:  Current government verification of public assistance.  

It's impossible to build a utopia with poor people, welfare, crime, and poverty a part of it.  Billions of poor people becoming wealthy will lead to a worldwide tsunami of prosperity.

Reserve the right HERE to purchase Utopia Coins (UTO) for $0.000025 per coin (or $25 per 1,000,000) and Utopia Citizen Tokens for $10 per token (UTOC). 


PRE-IEO BUY DATES:  JAN 4, 2021 - FEB 3, 2021 

PRE-IEO BUY PRICES:  $1.00/Utopia Coin and $100/Utopia Citizen Token

REQUIREMENT TO PURCHASE:  Pre-registration number

Reserve the right HERE to purchase Utopia Coins for $1.00 per coin and Utopia Citizen Tokens for $100 per token.



PRICE:  Market Value

Slide 4: International Utopia Coin Merchant Program


Sign-Up Merchants Worldwide to Accept Utopia Coins

Billions of poor people will become millionaires and explode the world's economy with the greatest prosperity ever seen.

Utopia Coin Bank: The New Visa and Mastercard

Poor people or those with little education won't need to be technical because using Utopia Card will be the same as using their current debit and credit cards.  Their Utopia Coin Bank privacy keys will be converted to encrypted credit card numbers and be issued on a single credit/debit/anything card.

Utopia Coin Bank will be the only card anyone will ever need.  It's a legal personal and business bank that you can issue loans from and set interest rates.   



The Obsolescence of Amazon, Walmart, Target Takeover

Utopia Store will conduct a permanent sale:  25% off everything sold by Amazon, Target, and Walmart.  (Also see teleportation)

Teleportation: Uber, Cars, Planes, Ships, Trains, and Rockets

Our Personal & Product Teleportation Systems will make these industries disappear because of instant delivery from point A to B anywhere in the world.



Utopia Interstellar is so vast, powerful, and complex I can't even write about it.  It gets more powerful everyday and it can't be articulated on a web site.

I've already built it I just have to fill all the different Utopia Zip Code Territories with Utopia Citizens and Utopia Businesses. 

When you buy a Utopia Citizen Token you leave this corrupt and evil world of danger and join Utopia Interstellar as a Utopia Citizen in Utopia Interstellar.  Where ever a Utopia Citizen buys a house in a Utopia Zip Code Territory it becomes a part of the first foundation of a Utopia On Earth of no evil, zero death, zero crime, zero homelessness, zero unemployment, zero poverty, zero hate, zero negativity, etc., etc.

We will take care of you around the clock 365 days a year.

Eventually we will replace every current zip code area in the world with Utopia Citizens and Utopia Zip Code Territories until the entire world becomes Utopia On Earth with a super human civilization. 

It doesn't matter whether you live in a house, apt, condo, or hotel.  Where you live will become part of the Utopia Zip Code Territory and we will continue to do that until we've converted 100% of Earth into Utopia Zip Code Territories.

Utopia Citizens will be the first recipients of all commercial products spun-off during the development of the Fountain of Youth vaccine, Utopia On Earth, Interstellar, Personal Teleportation, Resurrection Technology, and Super Artificially Intelligent Quantum Computers wit cloud-to-brain interfaces on implanted smartphones.



Utopia Zip Code Territory Managers will be responsible for converting the territories into Garden of Edens for Utopia Citizens.

What does that mean?  It means converting the Zip Code Areas worldwide where you live now that's filled with crime, hatred, suffering, death, and pain worldwide into Utopia Zip Code Territories of happiness and prosperity.

We will convert them one-by-one and once they are all convert it will become Utopia On Earth. 


FACT:  My research has determined that sometimes during the last two years technology reached point of no return where we can now achieve anything we can dream of and this is just the beginning.

Including the Fountain of Youth and Personal Teleportation

That fact is why I'm having a Utopia IEO Sale July 4th 2020.  To make my dreams come true of ending fear, death, suffering, pain and evil worldwide.

I developed a sure path to end all evil, free mankind, and unlock interstellar prosperity for all.

Numerical Order:  All benefits, products, and services, sold to Utopia Citizens now and in the future will be be according to the date and time of sign up.  Reserve you position in line here.    

We now know how to make anyone into a Utopia Super Human with No Limitations.

This vaccine will allow you to live for as long as you want, at the age of your choice, in perfect health, and with the ability to die peacefully anytime you choose and return later if you want.


NOTE:   a.)  Must be a Utopia Citizen to purchase.  b.)  First come first served.  c.)  Utopia Citizen seniority for all benefits, products, and services now and in the future will be sold in the numerical order you sign up.  d.)

To enjoy the maximum, out of this world super human experience sign-up for all six super powers.  Get in all six super power waiting lines here. 

I.  Fountain of Youth Vaccine:  A product to live forever in perfect health, at the perfect age, or choose to die peacefully when and if you ever desire.  Spin off products: Longevity


Heaven on Earth Technical Complex: In addition hiring the 5,000 greatest minds in this field we will also use it to purchase the top 100 urban planning companies in the world to work side by side with these 5,000 great minds to end fear worldwide. It’s war.  Financed by Utopia Coin (UTO).

Purpose: Use technology to achieve Zero Crime, Zero Homelessness, Zero Welfare, Zero Poor Class, Free Education Forever, and unimagined wealth and prosperity for everyone.

II.  Utopia Earth:  Zero Homeless. Zero Welfare. Zero Poverty for Utopia Citizens.  The power of complete peace of mind for yourself and your family when you live in an Exclusive Utopia Zip Code Territory for Utopia Citizens only.

Fountain of Youth Vaccine Technical Complex: In addition to hiringthe 5,000 greatest minds in this field we’re also going to purchase the top 100 biotechnology companies in the world to work with those 5,000 great minds to end fear worldwide. It’s war.  Financed by Utopia Coin (UTO).

Purpose: To end our fear of death by providing Utopia Citizens with the ability to live as long as they choose, at the age they desire, and in permanent, perfect health, and when or if they ever choose to die for any reason they can do so when they’re ready and on their own terms.

III.  Earth 2.0:  "Earth-like Planets Real Estate Company".  There are trillions of Earth-like planets.  Within 5 to 10 years we will start finding and selling planets with air and water like this Earth.  You'll be able to use your teleportation powers to visit your beautiful planets hundreds of time a day no matter where they will be located.  Everything will be interstellar.

Earth 2.0 Technical Complex: In addition to hiring the 5,000 greatest minds in the world from this field, we’re also going to purchase the top 100 space exploration companies in the world to work with the 5,000 great minds to end fear worldwide. It’s war.  Financed by Utopia Coin (UTO).

Purpose: To provide Utopia Citizens with emergency and regular round-trip transportation to other Earth-like planets to purchase real estate, vacation, shop, and visit other relatives and friends who are Utopia Citizens and already live there.

IV.  Utopia Personal Teleportation:  The Ultimate Freedom of Time & Space for Utopia Citizens.  This power is like flying under your own power but better because you move from point A to B in an instant and you lose no time no matter how far point A and B are apart.  You can safely visit thousands of places a day across the universe and stay forever or return to Point A instantly if you don't like Point B.  You'll never be controlled by anyone, any organization, or any nation again.

Mental/Physical Teleportation Tech-Complex: In addition to hiring the 5,000 greatest minds in this field we will also buy the top 100 mental teleportation and quantum physics laboratories in the world to end fear worldwide. It’s war.  Financed by Utopia Coin (UTO).

Purpose: To provide Utopia Citizens with the natural or technological ability to move their bodies and other solid objects between any two points instantly and ends the ability of anyone or any government to being able to control and confine anyone ever again. Absolute Freedom.

V.  Utopia Resurrection Technology:  Death Insurance to to guarantee your return from death once the Fountain of Youth Vaccine has been created.

Resurrection Tech-Complex: In addition to hiring the 5,000 greatest minds in this field we’re also going to purchase the top 100 resurrection technology companies in the world to work directly with these 5,000 great minds to end fear worldwide.  It’s war.  Financed by Utopia Coin (UTO).

Purpose: To provide Utopia Citizens with the opportunity to prepare to come back after death to receive the Fountain of Youth Vaccine when it’s ready and to bring relatives back to do the same.

VI.  Utopia Artificially Intelligent Quantum Supremacy:  Get any question answered and predictions of the future with 100% accuracy for Utopia Citizens

Utopia Citizen who accumulate all six powers will experience:  Peace of mind, perfect health, your own planets that you can visit instantly, personal teleportation, death insurance, and to ability to know and be able to correct the future.

 Super Artificially Intelligent Super Computer Complex: In addition to hiring the 5,000 greatest minds in the world in this field, we’re also going to purchase the top 100 Super Artificially Intelligent Super Computer companies in the world to work directly these 5,000 great minds to end fear worldwide. It’s war.  Financed by Utopia Coin (UTO)

Purpose: To store all past information available on Earth plus current information in the world as it happens by using quantum technology to gather, store, analyze, and produce perfect answers and solutions to any problem being worked on in Silicon Valley 2.0. Utopia Citizens will be able to access the world’s most powerful and intelligent computer for their own use.    



I Started This Because Technology Can Now Achieve Anything That Can Be Imagined

But no one realizes it yet.

GOD SCIENCE:  The science of combining and arranging technologies into a programmable matrix to create a Technological God that can provide Technological Salvation to all of mankind via High-Speed Technology Factories. 


I've been researching and waiting for the right technologies to be created so I can complete the development of a God Science that will allow me to build a Technological God to save us from fear, dying, suffering, sick, being controlled, crime, homelessness, welfare, poverty, wars, torture, persecution, etc., etc.

I'm taking the following steps to raise capital to finance my work and business:


1. I Created 1 Trillion Utopia Coins. (a cryptocurrency)


2. I Created 10 Billion Utopia Citizen Tokens. (a cryptocurrency)


3. I've Set Aside 25% of the 1 Trillion Utopia Coins for The Poor Worldwide. 5 of 7 Billion People

a)  I've set aside 250 million Utopia Coins to sell to the homeless, those on welfare, and refugees worldwide for 0.000025 USD per Utopia Coin through exclusive contracts with their governments to purchase an x amount of coins for each person on their welfare rolls on July 4, 2020 for a six month period until Oct 4, 2020.

When the Utopia Coin value increases overnight to at least one dollar, a billion poor people will become millionaires.  But it will actually increase to $100 per Utopia Coin or more because of overwhelming demand.  After six months purchases by poor people only the Utopia Coin Exchange will open to all private citizens and investors worldwide.

b)  250 million coins will be set aside to sell to investors with reservations starting Oct 1, 2020.  Make reservations to purchase Utopia Coins here.

c)  On Jan 1, 2021 the Utopia Exchange will open to buyers and sellers from around the world. 

d)  500 million will be set aside to build Utopia Interstellar and for operating costs in order to save the world and advance it beyond Earth. 

4. Set Aside 7 of 10 Billion Utopia Citizen Tokens

On July 4, 2020 enough 7 billion Utopia Citizen Tokens will be available so everyone living today can become a Utopia Citizen and be saved from the world we currently live in.  The other 3 billion citizenship tokens will be held in reserve for appreciation.  There will be one year for those with reservations to purchase Utopia Citizen Tokens.

Reservations can be made here starting 6 am July 4, 2020 and will run for one year until 6 am July 4, 2021.

5. Distribute A Slide Show To Investors Worldwide

Have an investor pitch deck created explaining the Self Preservation Technology business model and present it to IEO incubators for acceptance to raise funds and set-up a website for the Utopia IEO sale on July 4, 2020. 


6. Establish A Utopia Coin Merchant Program to Accept Utopia Coins Worldwide

a)  Create the worldwide merchant program using investor funds raised by the IEO Incubator.    

7. IEO Incubator Funding Needed $35,000,000:

a)  To hire and develop the best team money can buy to operate on the highest level for 6 months.  $10,000,000 needed.  

b)  To get an SEC license to operate Utopia Crypto Exchange that's authorized to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.  $5,000,000 needed.

c)  To set-up Utopia Coin Merchant Programs with Amazon, major retailers in NY, London, LA, Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco, etc., and Visa, Mastercard, and banks worldwide.  $10,000,000 needed.

d)  To set-up Utopia Coin/Citizen Token education centers in major cities worldwide for Utopia Coin/Citizen Token distributions by signing guaranteed contracts with government welfare agencies worldwide that guarantees to end homelessness and the poor class in their countries.  $10,000,000 needed,       

8. July 4, 2020 Homeless Millionaire Utopia IEO Sale

9. Utopia Coin and Utopia Citizen Token IEO Sale Profits

Part of the billions in profits from the Utopia IEO Sales will be used to hire the 30,000 greatest stem experts in the world and relocate them to a world class campus in the San Francisco Bay Area to work together 24/7 to solve all the problems in the world and advance mankind beyond Earth.

They will concentrate on the following six new industries:

1.  Utopia On Earth

2.  The Fountain of Youth Vaccine

3.  Earth 2.0

4.  Personal Teleportation

5.  Resurrection Technology

6.  Artificially Intelligent Quantum Super Computing

10. The Utopia App



I'm The World's First Self Preservation Technology Researcher

Get in line here.  NOTE:  The numerical order you sign up is extremely important.  



The Utopia IEO Sale Starts July 4, 2020 at 6 AM and Ends July 3, 2021 at 12:59 PM. By Reservation.

Register here



That consists of a 30,000 STEM expert matrix input into an Artificially Intelligent Quantum Super Computer that continuously programs six Hi-Speed Technology Factories to produce miracles technologies 1,000 of times faster and more powerful than current technologies. 

Slide 12: STARTING JULY 4, 2020


Utopia Coin Will Rapidly Rise To Become The World's Top Currency

A Utopia Citizen Token Will Become The Most Valuable Asset In The World

Utopia's "50% Off Amazon" Will Replace Amazon

Utopia Personal Teleportation: Will Replace All Other Modes of Transportation

My Fountain of Youth Vaccine Will Replace The Hospital, Health, And Funeral Industries

Resurrection Technology Contracts With The Living To Bring Them Back For The Fountain Of Youth

Utopia Artificially Intelligent Quantum Super Computer Will Predict The Future With 100% Accuracy

Starting 7/4/2020 Within A Year I Will End Homelessness, Welfare, And Poverty Worldwide

Utopia Zip Code Territories Will Replace All Regular Zip Codes Areas Worldwide

Slide 13: Utopia Coin & Utopia Citizen Token IEO Sale on Ju



The incubator managers said I will raise between $125,000 to $200,000 in the first of three investor round before the July 4, 2020 International Homeless Millionaire Day Utopia IEO Sale.  Once they read this they will know I will raise millions because the investors will see my plans as pure unstoppable gold.  

To read the IEO Incubator Proposal sent to me click here

IEO:  Initial Exchange Offering.  Utopia Coin is a cryptocurrency. 



1. Self Preservation Technology, Corp

Parent Company, Headquarters, and Administration

2. Utopia Interstellar, LLC

Research, Development, Testing, Manufacturing, Production, Marketing, & Distribution of Advanced, One-of-a-kind Technologies to Utopia Citizens.

3. Zero Homeless Technologies

Zero Homeless.  Zero Welfare.  Zero Poverty Worldwide







Profits from the Utopia Coin/Utopia Citizen Token IEO Sale will be used to hire the 30,000 greatest S.T.E.M. geniuses in the world, at all costs, to work together in a proprietary configuration to create Utopia.  




As policy we will hire the best headhunter to select the top 10 most accomplished persons worldwide for each position in the admin, executive, and technical departments and then hire number one, two, three, etc.

We will hire and relocate them from anywhere no matter the cost.


We will hire a permanent staff of translators from every country.

We will assign diplomats to every country to work with the governments and merchants to bring point-of-sales, and online transactions, and financial freedom to the poor, those on welfare, and to the homeless.


1.  The Health Care Industry:  The Fountain of Youth Vaccine Industry


2.  Amazon:  Utopia Citizens will get an automatic, 50% off of all Amazon prices at Utopia Amazon.

3.  Transportation Industries:  Human & Object Teleportation will make Uber, cars, commercial trucks, trains, ships, and rockets obsolete.

4.  The Funeral Industry:  Resurrection Technology and the Fountain of Youth Industry will cause the worldwide funeral industry to shrink and die.

5.  Super Artificially Intelligent Quantum Computing:  We'll sell the ability to know your future and be able to adjust it for the perfect outcome.  


Suddenly, on July 4, 2020 the homeless, those on welfare, and the poor will become millionaire consumers overnight and prosperity will explode worldwide.

Details at:  Zero Homeless Technologies


Merchants worldwide who accept Utopia Coins for products at their stores. 


An app that allows you to check your Utopia Coin balance, buy and sell Utopia Coins and Utopia Citizen Tokens to the highest bidder worldwide, use to buy online and from merchants around the world like you would a Visa, to make personal and business loans from your own crypto bank, check your Utopia Citizen profile, get Utopia Citizen Updates, Utopia Earth updates, Utopia Interstellar updates, and Self Preservation Technology updates.

Slide 18: Our Coronavirus Global Emergency Stimulus Package

Our Global Emergency Stimulus Package will prevent a global economic depression.

Utopia Coin and Token will lead to Worldwide Prosperity.

Slide 19: Utopia Coin & Utopia Citizen Token IEO July 4th

You can reserve the right here to purchase Utopia Coins (UTO) for $0.000025 per coin or $25 per 1,000,000 coins on the following dates below:

You can reserve the right here to purchase up to 10 Utopia Citizen Tokens (UTOC) for $0.50 per token on the following dates:

Slide 20: Self Preservation Technology Companies

Utopia Interstellar

Zero Homeless San Francisco

Zero Homeless Technologies


Zero Homeless Technologies

Zero Homeless San Francisco

Zero Homeless Technologies


Zero Homeless San Francisco

Zero Homeless San Francisco

Zero Homeless San Francisco


Scientific Salvation

Utopia Interstellar Instagram

Zero Homeless San Francisco



Utopia Interstellar Instagram

Utopia Interstellar Instagram


Utopia Interstellar Instagram

Utopia Interstellar Instagram

Utopia Interstellar Instagram