UTOPIA (UTO):  The official currency of Utopia

UTOPIA CITIZEN (UTOC):  Citizenship ID and Passport Token




It doesn't matter where we came from, all that matters is where we're going. Will we survive like millions of advanced civilizations before us or perish like the ones who kept themselves divided until they died out?

Civilizations with internal hate always die from cancer.  We're on that path.

Building Utopia starts with brave people who love life and resent being forced to die before they are ready, and who want to die or never die on their own terms.

Those who want to be good, do good, and want to feel really good about the life they're living, that the people I want to associate with.  That's my selection process for friends, associates, and anyone who I come in contact with, not whether you're rich or poor.

I want to work with people who love life and who don't want to die and are willing to fight for life and against death because there is no greater fight because physically and psychologically waiting and anticipating your own death just speeds it up at a rate you mind and heart sets.

If you want to live and not die you must be strong and work to make it happen.

Almost everyone on Earth is already in the ground and just waiting for the lights to go out.  All because of fear. 

Contact me if you love life and want to live forever in perfect health.

It's the first thing I want to know about you.  It's the only type of people I want to work with.

We're going to build five high-speed technology factories on five different campuses in the San Francisco Bay Area, each with its own dedicated, world class research university, R&D labs, manufacturing operation, marketing group, and political party.

Each campus will be dedicated to providing each Utopia citizen with the finest products life can offer and a prosperous community spread across each Zip Code Territory that has zero crime, poverty, homelessness, or poor class.

Each Licensed Zip Code Territory will offer customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for citizens comfort, convenience, and safety.

Each Zip Code Territory will have its own private, state-of-the-art multipurpose estate with world class amenities for citizens to enjoy and a resource center so citizens can get daily updates, availability, and to purchase new products from the Silicon Valley 2.0 complex when they become available.

Citizen members of Heaven On Earth will always be placed above non-citizens, and citizens will be prioritized according to the time and date they became a citizen.

To accomplish this, For Poor People Only will convert the homeless and poor class within each Licensed Zip Code Territory into millionaires by offering each of them one million Blucoins as an investment for only $25 which equals to $0.000025 per Blucoin.

Owners of Blucoin cryptocurrency will be able to buy, sell, trade, and purchase from any store by using an app on their smartphones, and it will be impossible to steal or lose Blucoins.

At the appropriate time I will open Blucoins sales to the world allowing the forces of supply and dictate the price.


At that time anyone can purchase Blucoin if they can find a poor person to sponsor them.

The price of Blucoin will then skyrocket.


We want 100% control of every single thing in our life from A to Z for eternity or until whenever.

Including health, personal relationships, school, wealth, career, retirement, and everything else.

It’s the self-preservation instinct programmed into our DNA that drives us to seek complete and total happiness.

The product I'm working on will allow us to create the exact world of our hopes, dreams, and desires.

It's the reward for building Utopia because Utopia is God.

Only good things happen when Utopia is pursued and all bad things fade away.


We are random and Utopia is God and all civilizations throughout the cosmos that have advanced have had to build utopia with their own hands resulting in the creation of God that they must maintain as almighty so they can survive, thrive, and advance into time.

Civilizations that don't build God die, others stagnate from hate and confusion like we're doing, but the moral and intelligent civilizations are the ones who figure out how to build Utopia, see God, and advance light-years into the future with God their Utopia home and protector.

We must plan, we must fight against our visible and invisible enemies that try to hold us back, and we must prevail.  We can only do it together.

That's my path.  Otherwise it's all been for nothing and that don't make sense.  So come along with me and find the happiness you seek because as long as you're busy creating God you will be happy.

That has been my greatest discovery.


Self Preservation Technology

San Francisco, California, United States

(510) 859-7090