A World Without Crime


To build a dedicated High Speed Technology Factory on a campus in the San Francisco Bay Area that has its own world class research university, research and development laboratories, manufacturing, marketing group, and political machine dedicated to providing each Heaven On Earth citizen living within each Licensed Zip Code Territory around the world with a prosperous community that has zero crime, poverty, homelessness, or poor class.

For comfort and convenience each Licensed Zip Code Territory has customer service for citizens 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your comfort and convenience.

Each Zip Code Territory will have its own private, state-of-the-art multipurpose estate complex for citizens only where daily updates, availability, and sales for all Silicon Valley 2.0 products will be available along with other amenities.

Heaven On Earth citizens will always be placed above everything.

To accomplish do this For Poor People Only the homeless and poor class within each Licensed Zip Code Territory into millionaires by offering each of them one million Blucoins as an investment for only $25 or less.  That equals to $0.000025 per Blucoin.

Those who own Blucoin cryptocurrency will be able to buy, sell, trade, and purchase from any store by using an app on their smartphones.  

It will be impossible to steal or lose Blucoins.

At the appropriate time I will open up Blucoins sales to the world and let the forces of supply and dictate the price.  

At that time Blucoin will be available for sale to anyone in the world who can find a poor person to sponsor them.

The price of Blucoin will then skyrocket.


  • Contact me to negotiate a one year license for any Zip Code Area in the world.
  • I own all Zip Code Territories on Earth.
  • You can become a licensee for the Zip Code Territory you live in.
  • Those purchasing a license for a particular Zip Code Territory will assume complete responsibility for the individual and collective happiness of Heaven On Earth citizens in your Zip Code Territory.
  • I Will Soon Rule The World is the political arm of each Zip Code Territory.
  • For Poor People Only is the foundation for Heaven On Earth and Utopia that's responsible for increasing the prosperity, and reducing crime, the poor class, homelessness, and poverty in each Zip Code Territory to zero.
  • Blucoin is the currency of each Zip Code Territory.
  • Once all Zip Code Territories have been converted to Heaven On Earth we will declare Earth a Utopia.


The Foundation of Utopia


Silicon Valley 2.0 San Francisco Bay Area


$25 per citizenship annually.  


The Heaven On Earth political party