A perfect civilization has zero wars, zero hate, zero evil, zero crime, zero poverty, zero unemployment, zero suffering, zero death, complete and unrestricted prosperity and freedom, and is not confined to Earth.

SYSTEM 3XL-6000 is a proprietary human-computer hybrid algorithm that can create "to-order" technologies for any field or industry.

"God Technology Machines": The heart of Silicon Valley 2.0 will save hundreds of millions of lives within the next 10 years by producing a Fountain of Youth Vaccine, the ability to teleport ourselves from point a - b, resurrection technology, etc., etc.

These miracles can't happen without mind-boggling technologies necessary to convert humanity into a super-race.

"God Technology Machine" will launch our world hundreds of years into the future within 10 years because Silicon Valley 2.0 will operate 24 hrs per day at high-speed creating super technologies as fast as an assembly line makes automobiles.


GOAL: To end the fears of living on Earth.  Through a concept I created I virtually own all the land on Earth and I will convert each zip code area into a piece of Heaven On Earth so everyone will be able to live, work, and play in peace anywhere on Earth with no crime, or ghettos, or starvation, and prosperity for all.

I want to end the hurt and pain of living life and make Earth into a beautiful park where families can live, work, and play anywhere in the world in peace, surrounded by prosperity, and zero crime so I created a proprietary invention that allows me to own all the land on Earth in parallel with the present owners until they eventually want to become Heaven On Earth members.

An Exclusive Zip Code Territory License gives members one year renewable lease/license rights over any zip code area on Earth.  The licensee is then responsible for improving the lives of Heaven On Earth members who reside in your zip code area. 

As a member your place of residence will become part of Heaven On Earth with the same parcel number issued by all counties throughout the world used to identify every piece of land on Earth.  As we sign-up more individual and business members we'll eventually convert every neighborhood, town, city, state, and country into Heaven On Earth until we cover the world and then it will be Heaven On Earth.  This is our chance to start all over and do it right.  Eventually governments will fall in line when the benefits we provide are superior to what they offer and all property is Heaven On Earth property.

Right now we need to create "power in numbers" benefits for members like ID cards that give you 35-40% or more discounts at stores and everywhere we shop.  The more members we have the more negotiating power we will have and as we grow our benefits will grow.  We will create a map so you can see how Heaven On Earth is expanding and taking over the world.

Right now we need to write a constitution and make membership benefits the best the world has ever seen.   

This membership guarantees a numerical position in line to purchase a "members only" Exclusive Zip Code Territory License for prime residential and commercial real estate properties worldwide on the Alt-Earth which will become Heaven On Earth piece by piece until we own the world.

Plus enjoy the privilege to beta test, volunteer for trials, get employed, or purchase preliminary Heaven On Earth, Ultimate Quality of Life products as they roll off the factory floor.

STARTING UP: Because we're in start-up mode annual membership fees are $250 per year and dues are $25 per month today but can rise or fall at any time based on the number of new member sign-ups, and current members who resell their memberships on the open market to the highest bidder.

MEMBERSHIPS:  Are like stocks on the NYSE or NASDAQ. Prospective members can wait for the membership cost to drop and buy it cheaper, or watch it increase to $1000 or more and miss an opportunity.  

FIXED FEES FOR LIFE: Your annual membership fees and monthly dues will never increase from the original amount while you're the original owner of the account.

EQUITY & BENEFITS: The lowest numbered memberships will always be more valuable than high numbered memberships because lower numbers are always first in line for all new product offers. Also the equity in your buy, sell, or hold membership privilege will rise as demand for memberships rise.

Come Here For Daily Updates On The Latest Progress In The Heaven On Earth Industry:

July 18, 2017:  IT'S OFFICIAL



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