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It started in elementary school when I volunteered to become part of a government civil defense program and go door-to-door in my neighborhood and pass out pamphlets and participate in fallout drills.

In junior high one morning it was announced over the intercom to prepare to seek shelter from a possible nuclear bomb attack during a stare down between the U.S. and Russia that would soon turn out to be someones bluff being called or a nuclear war.

The world was petrified with fear as it all unfolded for about 13 more hours as the Russan ships approached Cuba with nuclear weapons.

Everyone was terrified because we conducted civil defense drills so we knew what a real one could result in.

Thankfully someone blinked but at that moment at a very young age I realized for the first time that the world can come to an end at any moment and as I grew up I never forgot that. 

As I grew older I realized we could be destroyed in many different ways both man-made and natural.  

And I saw evil, hurt, pain, poverty, wars, crime, cowardness, greed, hate, suffering, and death and it all went into and became a part of my work to save the world.

Later I saw that all bad was part of the same DNA so I lumped them all together and addressed them as one with the goal of finding one perfect solution.

That perfect solution is Utopia.

I knew I was going to solve the problem but I had no clue of what to do, or where or how to start.

My mentor and teacher are reading, and trying, and failing, and doing it over and over again non-stop for 40 years with my time and over a million dollars spent and not one moment have I ever considered quitting.

I can't quit because if I have nowhere to go so I'm stuck forever in the best job in the world.

Whether this fails or succeeds it doesn't matter because I'm never going to quit looking for Utopia.  

Seek Utopia non-stop you feel like you will never die.    

My work has evolved into wanting to make everyone in the world happy and with technology having advanced to the point it is today I'm able to do that with you combined with Algorithm 3XL-6000.   

Here I'm presenting the first ever long-term plan for mankind so the world will know there's a way out and we're no longer trapped and helpless.  

This website is a summary of all the work I've done over the years to this point and I'm now revealing it to the world for the very first time the fusion of all my years of work into one idea and plan:  UTOPIA.  

The total brain power of mankind combined with "Algorithm 3XL-6000 God Technology" is all the ingredients necessary to create utopia.

And now as I close in on success I invite you to join me by submitting your utopia or idea below.

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